Ask Jim!

Hello Readers,

Siebel can be very tricky sometimes, even simple things doesn't work the way it should. And it makes me wonder does it have some sort of artificial intelligence built into it which is just playing with us.

Dont be stuck with such issues, big or small ask it in comments below, i will try to guide you in the right direction.

Looking forward for your comments.



  1. Hi Jim , do you know how can we find applet name in pm file, i am building a class which needs to be attached to many applets, is it possible to build functionailty based on applet name?

  2. Hi Jim, I have following credentials for restful service , I am able to get the oauth Token by using soapUI. I need to paas same credentials over EAI HTTP transport service in siebel and get the token. What will be the inputproperties for the EAI Transport.

    Client ID:

    Client Secret:
    Access Token URL:

    Grant Type: Client Credentials

  3. Please have a look at this article I have done similar thing

  4. Hello Jim,

    I have a requirement wherein when I add a product to the order line item using the product pick applet and click "add" button there, it adds the product along with the hierarchy at tha order line item level in an expanded form. I want this to be loaded in a collapsed form.

    Also, I want to know when I click the "add" button in the product pick applet then what exactly works behind the scenes ? Is a signal triggered or a workflow is used to add these line items ?